7 Ways To Change Your Hair Color!

We’ve all been at that point with our hair where we want a new color but are not sure what we want. “Do I want to go lighter?” “Do I want to go darker?” “Do I want red?” I’ve put together some helpful suggestions for those aggravating times of uncertainty. I hope you find them helpful!

  1. Highlights: Highlights aren’t necessary bleach blonde.  They are any color lighter than your current base color.  For my clients that do not have highlights but are wanting to try them I recommend putting a few under the part line. That way you do not have to touch up as often & it gives you an overall lighter look without seeing the “streaks”.  Adding highlights just around the face is a great way to brighten you up, without feeling all over lighter (and without paying for a full highlight).  You can also do balayage highlights as well!
  2. Lowlights: Lowlights are any color darker than your base color.  If you are predominantly  blonde, lowlights can be 1 shade darker than your blonde.  Adding lowlights to blondes gives dimension & makes the lighter blonde strands pop! If you do not have color & never have, lowlights with a demi are a great way to color introduction!
  3. Pops of Color: Adding just a few pieces of a more bold color here and there is also a wonderful to spice up your color while still looking professional! The bold colors do not have to be hot pink or green.  They can be a chocolate brown, deep red, beautiful copper, or anything you desire! I love adding a few little pieces of copper under the part line to my blondes in the fall! They love it because they are still blonde but they have a nice pop of fall color! If you are a medium to light brunette adding a few little pops of blonde can spice you up! Of course you can always add a pop of purple, green, pink, or blue!
  4. Just Do It: The first 3 tips are to help you gradually get into a new color or just add a little something to your current color.  Tip #4 is just do it.  Just find some pictures of blondes, red heads, brunettes–whatever it is you are wanting to do, take it to your stylist and just do it! Dive right in! You think you want to try being a red head, just do it! Never been a blonde? Do it! Sometimes it’s best to just jump in!
  5. Give Your Stylist Freedom: If you have a general idea of what you want, inform your stylist then tell him/her to do what they feel best with that information.  If you don’t have any idea, but you know pink & blue is not acceptable at the job then inform your stylist of that & let the stylist be creative and give you a new look! I usually ask my clients “Are there any colors you do not want to see in your hair?” That way I don’t put copper in a client’s hair when the client HATES copper.  So if you don’t know what you want but you know what you do not want, let your stylist know! Often times, knowing what the client does not want is better than knowing what they do want!
  6. Clip In Extensions: I have clients who can’t commit to pink strands all the time. But they desire to have some pink strands.  Clip in extensions are a great way to add those funky colors without getting wrote up at work & the commitment! You don’t have to buy the funky colors, you can buy some brown clip ins if your blonde & want to try some lowlights or to just add some depth every once in a while.  If you are a brunette buy some blonde clip ins for damage free highlights that you can pop in & out whenever you want!
  7. Let Your S.O. Choose: A coworker of mine recently sent me an article about women letting their significant others choosing their hair styles.  The s.o. would talk with the stylist about what he/she thought would look best on their partner & why! Your significant other may secretly want you to be a brunette, but may not vocalize it because he/she knows you love your blonde hair.  If you can’t decide on what to do, ask your partner in crime!

I hope you found these helpful as usual!

Have you made a drastic color change? Comment below & let me know how you went about it? Did you just do it? Did you like it or hate it?  What’s your advice to others struggling with color change? As you know I love hearing back from everyone & gaining new insights!


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