Appointment Etiquette!

We stylists know that emergencies happens and clients can’t come to their appointment, or can’t get to their appointment on time.  Life happens. We get it. But we also get a lot of no shows, 45 min late clients demanding a 4 hour service, & lots of other appointment issues.  Let’s discuss some appointment etiquette to keep you, the client, from being black balled!

First, please show up to your appointment 10 minutes early.  This allows you to use the restroom, change into a smock if you are getting color, get coffee (or wine if your salon offers it), & just being prepared! Also, you could be taken early if your stylist is ready for you early! Most people walk in the door right at their appointment time, they need to use the restroom, change, get their coffee, & then the service starts about 10 minutes or so late.  Show up 10 minutes early & relax!

If you are going to be a few minutes late, call the salon. Let us know.  Some times we run late so we understand. But call us if you are running 5 minutes late. Do not tell us you are going to be 5 minutes late and then show up 20 minutes late.  If traffic is the issue, keep us posted how late you are running. If you say 5 & then realized it’s going to be more like 15-25 minutes, call again.  We may be able to get you in after the appointment that was after you, or we may have to reschedule.  I’ve witnessed clients call & say “I just got off work. I’m running late. I will be there in 20 minutes.” & they show up over an hour later! Please do not be that person. If 15 minutes goes by & you are still 10 minutes out, call & update us! We could eat while you are on your way so that we don’t become hangry.  Now I have had clients who called the salon & said “Hey I’m gonna be late.  I’m stopping by Starbucks, does Kari want anything? And she can just work around me since I’m late”. That is more than likely ok.  You are bringing peace offering & you are letting us do our thing with our other clients without throwing a fit. That does not mean you get to do it at every appointment, but we do understand that some times the mornings (and evenings) are rough & you just need coffee. Trust me STYLISTS understand the NEED for coffee.

Now if you have an emergency & you can’t make it, we will understand.  Make contact with us either by emailing the salon, messaging the salon (or stylist) on Facebook, texting the stylist (if you have his/her number), or have a friend or family member make contact at your earliest convenience. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who no show their 2+ hour appointment, not make contact for a week or so to schedule another appointment & then tell us they had an emergency (but they do this at every appointment or every other appointment).  It makes it hard to tell if there really was an emergency or not. We care about our clients & want to make sure they are ok. We know a lot of clients take care of their elderly & disabled loved ones, which can cause clients to no show multiple appointments.  Let us know if you have a hard time making & keeping appointments, we will figure out a solution! And please note that hangovers are not an emergency.  Do not schedule a night out the night before your appointment.  If you always book your appointments on Saturdays & you continue to no show us & tell us you had an “emergency” on Friday night, we will know you are hungover, & you will be black balled. We can’t miss out on a client because you drank the night before & didn’t want to come in hungover. Now if you come in hungover, that is fine.  Even if you make contact a week or so later about the emergency that’s fine. You don’t have to reschedule or make a new appointment when you inform us of an emergency.  Our reservation desk informs clients who have had emergencies to do what they need to do & to call us when they need to get in. When the client calls back to get in, we do everything in our power to get them the day & time they want.  Emergencies don’t mean that the you the client has to suffer & get whatever is left over.

Please don’t cancel your appointment last minute because your date canceled. Actually you need to keep it. We will help you through the hard time.  We will make you laugh & look wonderful! Don’t have a depressing night because your date canceled! Come in, get glammed up, laugh, & leave with an extraordinary amount of confidence!

Let’s say your appointment is in a couple days or a week, & you’ve been on pintrest & found a new color! Great! Please call & make a consult appointment.  If you spring up a new color & cut change on us at the time of your appointment, there’s a good chance you won’t be leaving with it.  We will need more time. We will need time to consult about it, make sure it’s something you want, & is doable as well as the time to do it.   Most stylists offer complimentary consultations.  If we don’t have the time at the consult to extend your appointment that is in a few days, we may move it.  Moving an appointment days in advance still allows us to fill the appointment gap.  It’s when you no show or cancel the day of that we have a slim to no chance of filling the gap.

Be honest! If you slept in, or are hungover, or just forgot, tell us! Call ASAP & say “Hey, I am really sorry, I over slept/I’m hungover/forgot.  Do you still have time if I get there in 20 minutes? If I need to reschedule I understand. I am so sorry!” We will usually give a few passes before we start black balling people.  An apology & coffee/food will usually keep you on the good list.  Just don’t make it a habit.  There is no amount of food or coffee if you slept in, forgot, or are hungover every appointment.  Don’t be the boy who cried wolf.

If your stylist prefers you to make your appointments in advance, but you know you can’t do that because of your work schedule, kids’ schedule, or whatever, let us know. We’d rather know you are more likely to cancel last minute, or no show if you pre-book your appointment. I tell my clients to try & call a good 2 weeks or so before they will want to come in to be able to get in.  We know your schedule & time is just as important as ours, & want to make sure your appointments are times that work best for you rather you pre-book or call.

If the salon you go to has a confirming system please confirm! My salon offers confirmation emails & text messages (if you opt in), & when you haven’t confirmed by those two ways, our reservation desk will call you 24 hours in advance.  Please confirm! Or cancel! Please do not wait until the day of, hour of, or no show! Especially when the salon has multiple ways for you to confirm or cancel your appointment! If the salon you go to does not have a confirmation system, I am sorry, & there really isn’t anything I can tell you to help you confirm your appointment. The more ways a client can confirm or cancel their appointment in advance the better for the stylist AND the client!

So basically it all comes down to don’t be rude. Don’t be the boy who cries wolf.  Call us. Inform us. Show up a few minutes early. Relax. Laugh. Be happy & enjoy!






The salon/spa that I currently work at has a program that prints off my schedule for the day as well as a traveler for every client. Now the travelers have the client’s name, the appointment time, the appointment service, the service provider for all the appointments that client has for that day, as well as a list of products he/she has ever bought with a first date of purchase & last day of purchase & the prices, a list of every service he/she has received with first & last date of purchase, service provider, & price.  There’s a place for me to write how many weeks for the reservation team to book out, a price for the day, & space to take notes.  Now, not every salon has a program like the one at my salon.  I’ve worked at salons where the program is just to put in client name, address, phone number, & program or the credit card machine.  I’ve worked at salons where there the program is just to literally check someone out, the system doesn’t want a name, it just wants to know what stylist did what service & payment. But even if you work at a salon where there is no system for you to store notes, you can still take notes! I’m going to talk about how I took notes at the bare minimum salon, & all the types of notes I take now!

When I worked at those salons where they computer system was just to take & track the money, we had a filing system for color formulas.  You would write down the client’s name, date, & formula on a big index card & then file it so that everyone in the salon could get to it if the client couldn’t see you the next visit.  That was all fine, except sometimes the card would get lost, someone would write hugely on the card and there would be 4 cards for 5 formulas stapled together with no date, or there would be multiple cards for the same person because no one could find the previous card made.  I had a co-worker who kept her own client record system she bought from a supply store.  She would leave it in her station so if she went on vacation, or it was her day off & one of her client’s came in & had to see someone else, the stylist servicing her client would go to her station, find her book, find the formula, update it, & return it to her station.  It was a nice little system & I liked it. So  I went to Sally’s or CosmoProf & bought a client book. I highlighted the section I needed the client to fill out (name, address, number).  Kept notes not just on color but on how I cut the client’s hair. It was an easier way to keep track of those who solely saw me.  And if I was out sick, or vacation, coworkers could easily access & update the formulas, but couldn’t just throw the information in our little filing card system in the back.  I didn’t have to fight everyone’s alphabetical order (which varies by stylist).  It was a much easier system.

But now I have an amazing system! My current salon has a great program as I stated above.  I write things down & the reservation team (or some times myself) types the notes into the system.  I don’t have to do much or be responsible for all the information being kept in a little folder.  It’s all in the system.  If a client can not see me for whatever reason, my co-worker can see him/her & I know everything will be fine because she can see every formula, every note ever taken.  When that client comes back to me, then I can see what she did.  If she needed to change the formula for any reason I will see that (her & I get along great & usually communicate the change, but if I’m on vacation she may not inform me because you know, vacation.)  I don’t have to worry about the client going to another salon, using a different color line, etc.

Now what do I put in the notes besides formulas?  Cutting techniques.  I may razor a little bit on a client, so I will write down where I razored & how often to do it (every other appointment), if I point cut, if I prefer to cut the client dry, how short to cut bangs, etc.  It’s our job as the professional to be able to recreate the previous cut we did on the client.  I can not remember every single thing I do on every client.  Writing down how I did the cut will also help me if the client didn’t like something.  I can look at my notes, consult with the client, & then fix the issue.  A new client may come in with a terrible cut that may take a few appointments to fix. Usually with this type of scenario I write down how she came in, her desired look, what I did that appointment, & what to do at future appointments.  I take notes on all my men clients as well.  By writing down if I use a 4 on the sides & scissor the top, I can tweak the look at each appointment. A lot of my men clients like to switch up their style.  We may decide to switch it up a bit & at the next appointment he may say “ya know, I really liked it the shorter style we did about 3 appointments ago.” Looking back at my notes I can see what I did.  Cutting notes are very helpful!

I have recently started writing notes on products I used & products I recommend.  I started having clients call & ask the reservation desk to ask me what products I used on them to keep their style.  I can not remember that! I can only guess! It was a learning experience for me. Prior to these events I would write down all the products I recommend so that if the client could only purchase one or two products, she could come back in another time (her appointment or not), ask the reservation desk to look into her file on the system, & purchase the products without me having to try to figure it all out (or being called on my day off to be asked what I used because the client stopped by the salon).  But after having multiple clients in a 2 week period ask me what the product was & me not being able to remember, it occurred that I NEED to write down what I used.  Writing down what I used also helps me when the client comes back in and says “Kari, I did NOT like whatever you used on me last time. Please do not use it again.” This allows me to see what I used, ask what it was the client did not like about it, & choose a better product for that client & his/her needs! It not only helps me, but also my coworkers. The reservation desk doesn’t have to call me on my day off or vacation to ask because the client stopped by, they can just take care of the client!

I also take notes on the client’s attitude.  Sometimes a client comes in & has had a terrible day, or maybe just a terrible outlook on life & will take it out on me.  That’s fine. I get it. I know I’ve done the same thing. We are all humans. But I am going to take notes on pretty much the whole conversation. That way if for some reason the client calls to make a complaint my butt is covered.  Some people just like to make other people’s lives horrible.  If a client is usually a happy person, comes in to the salon in the worst mood, & just starts saying mean, unpleasant things I write it down.  I keep an eye out on all appointments after that.  It could’ve been a bad day. But if I start noticing she/he keeps making inappropriate comments for months, I can present the evidence to the owner, talk to her about referring the client to my coworker (or to another salon if things are that bad), talk about the right way to go about it, & making sure she is within ear shot incase a situation arises. She may suggest she talk to the client, or that we talk to my co-worker for an outside opinion & to make sure my co-worker is fine with taking my client. I like to keep the owner informed because she is the owner & I am the employee. She also has some good, creative ideas on how to handle different types of scenarios.

I also write down not just prices for the day for the client but future prices.  When I have a new client I will discuss the price for that day’s services. If it’s a color correction I will usually give a high price & say “It probably will not be this much, but be prepared just incase the unforeseen happens.” I will also give future prices. I usually have two or three future prices for my base/root touch up & highlight clients.  One price will reflect a root touch up, the other will reflect a root touch up & partial, & the third will reflect a root touch up & full foil.  I will write all the future prices out. That way it keeps me honest & the client honest.  I’ve had situations where at the consult a few days prior to the actual service, I see the client has very fine hair & even though I know she wants a full highlight look I may not quote for a full because I plan on only pop in 10-15 foils, & then the client comes in day of appointment & I forgot, didn’t write down the price & she feels she’s being over charged because I quoted her lower a couple days prior at the consult. I’ve also had situations where I know I told the client it would be a higher charge because of the thickness of hair, but since I did not write it down, the client says that I told her a much lower price.  The future prices is great to keep everyone honest!

I have found that the more notes I take the better I can take care of the client & myself. I have only found one person who did not like the fact that I took notes on how she likes her hair cut & how to cut it.  Everyone else is very grateful & loves it! So keep notes! Write down all the things! I promise 99.9% of your clients will love it!

Do you have other note taking ideas or suggestions? Comment below! You know I love any & all feedback!


Are We Breaking Up? How To Determine If It’s Time To Leave Your Stylist

So the last few appointments you’ve been disappointed.  The first time you were disappointed you thought “Maybe my stylist is having a bad day. We all get them. It’s ok. We will be back on track next time”. Well next time came and went, a few times actually, & nothing changed. Now you ask yourself “Is it time to find a new stylist?”.  Let’s find out!

Are you getting your desired cut & color? If not, then you need to have a talk with your stylist.  Start with asking “Kari, I have been wanting to cut my length to the base of my neck & my highlights lighter.  Is this something that can be done in one appointment? Or will it take multiple appointments?” Your stylist should explain him/herself. It could be he/she thought he/she was taking your blonde light enough only to find out he/she hasn’t been lifting it light enough.  Informing your stylist that you have not been happy & asking if your desired look is possible will put both of you on the same page & you will have some explanations. 

A complaint I hear from clients seeking a new stylist is that their old stylist was constantly canceling appointments last minute with no other option.  We stylists do have families and emergencies that do come up.  We also do not like to disappointment clients, so we will usually try to come in another day, stay late, or refer to a co-worker to accommodate the clients.  But if the cancelation happens almost every appointment for a long period of time, it may be time to move on.  A stylist’s appointment times are valuable just like your time as a client is valuable. 

Another complaint I’ve heard time after time is “My stylist just started rushing me.  She stopped taking the time like she used to. I don’t know if she’s just getting so busy, but I don’t get to tell her that I want a change.” If you start feeling rushed at every appointment try to schedule a little more extra time and tell your stylist that you feel rushed and you do not like it.  Sometimes we stylists get behind and we may rush.  But the rushing should not be every appointment.  Usually when you bring this up to your stylist, your stylist will start booking extra time for you and usually the try to slow down. 

If you feel that your stylist has become disrespectful towards you then it is time to find a new stylist. Most of us are very fun, loving, caring people but there are a couple of rude stylists out there. As the old saying states “It takes all kinds to make the world go round”.  You should never leave your appointment feeling like a burden or discouraged.  Nor should you ever feel anxious or dread going to your appointment.  If you are feeling any of these emotions you need to just find a new stylist.  You can try to mention it to your stylist, but if he/she is already rude and you are starting to dread going into the salon, the talk is more than likely not go well. You can mention in an email, on the phone, or in person to the owner or manager of the salon that you do not feel comfortable anymore with your stylist.  The person in charge will not want to lose business and will find a solution to the problem, even if you decide to go elsewhere. 

Now I do recommend having a talk with your stylist before throwing in the towel.  Your stylist may not know that you are not happy and feel rushed.  There may be a very acceptable reason to the cancelations that he/she has not disclosed with you yet.  As a stylist, I appreciate being informed if a client is not happy (rather it be management or the client informing me).  Even if the client does not plan on coming back to see me, the knowledge of what I did to upset the client helps me grow as a professional & a person.  

So have a chat and decide! 

There Is 1 Rule In My Hair Book

We’ve heard all the rules of cuts and colors. You have to go darker in the fall and lighter in the summer.  After 40 you have to cut your hair short.  Let me tell you something. NO YOU DO NOT! I don’t follow these rules.  I have 1 rule in my book. Do with your hair that makes you happy (within reason). If you enjoy bleach blonde all year round, then be bleach blonde all year round. “Oh but Kari, it looks more natural if you add lowlights in the fall and winter!” No it does not.  If anyone thinks that someone who is bleach blonde, level 27 from roots to ends is growing that themselves, they are wrong (except for those very rare cases).  Now if you enjoy getting lowlights in the fall and winter then DO IT! And if you like to have copper lowlights in the fall and more natural brown lowlights in the winter then do it. But don’t do lowlights or go darker in the fall and winter if you don’t want to.
Don’t cut your hair short after 40 because someone told you that you need to do it. If you didn’t want your hair cut short at the age of 39, I can promise you that you probably do not want it cut short at age 40.  Now if you are looking for a change and want to try short hair, then try it. But don’t wait until 40 because of the “rules”. But if you are older or have had an injury that doesn’t allow you to take care of longer hair, then yes you should probably cut it to a shorter length that is easier for you.  Now if you have super long hair, always have it up, complain of headaches, then it’s time to take a few inches off in my professional opinion. But if you have super long hair, enjoy taking care of it, then keep it honey! Have styles that make you happy & confident! If you like coloring your hair dark in the summer and blonde in the winter, then do it. Be happy. Be confident. Be you.

Now in my rule above I added “within reason”. The reason I added that is because, it is not good to be bleaching your hair one month, coloring black the next month, and bleaching it up again the following month.  If you are my client and we cut your hair short and you hate it, trust me, I am going to discuss with you the hatred you had for your short hair when you try telling me you want short hair again. We will have a chat. We will discuss why you are wanting the change. We will talk about all the hair styles between your current length and the dreaded short length. We will talk color. We will talk about all the ways to get you to fall back in love with your hair without going back to the short cut that made me satan’s best friend until it grew out.  If you are just so for cutting it short again, I will inform you that you are not allowed to hate me if you hate the short hair again.  At the end of every appointment I want 2 things. I want my client to be over the top in love & happy with their hair. And I want the hair in the best condition & be proud of if myself since it is my work on your head.  If you want a mullet, honey I will cut you the best mullet 2017 has seen and you will be the reason it comes back in style. But I will not fry your hair. Even though I want clients to be happy, I also need to have integrity. I need to be able to know with all my being that I did everything within my power to give my client what he/she wanted without compromising the health of the client’s scalp & hair.

So have the hair you want to have but keep it healthy. Try new things with your hair. But keep it healthy. Follow the rules or don’t follow the rules.  Have HEALTHY hair that makes you happy & confident!

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting A Shampoo & Blowout Bi-Weekly!

We all know that going to a salon and getting a shampoo and blowout is a great way to have some you time and relax! But what are some other benefits of this service? Here are 5 reasons you should be getting a shampoo and blowout at least bi-weekly, if not weekly!

  1. It’s a good way to find a new salon & stylist! Test out a new place without a horrifying, costly color experience.  This allows you to see the salon, test out all the stylists, & decide if the salon is your cup of tea. It’s also a good way to find a back-up stylist at your current salon if for some reason your stylist has to take leave or if something has come up in your personal life & you can’t make it in to your stylist. Some times seeing a new stylist for a shampoo & blowout is just the little change you need in your life.
  2. Lift your mood! It’s the best way to get excited about date night and a night out with the girls! After a long day, it is so easy to want to bail on plans you’ve made weeks, even months ago.  Scheduling a shampoo & blowout is an awesome way to uplift your mood & get yourself pumped for the night out! Schedule a makeup appointment with it and you all you have to do is change clothes!
  3. Take your attitude from crab to fab! If you are always stressed or going through a stressful time, you are probably taking it out on others.  All of us have been guilty of it at some point in our lives. Getting a blowout will help reduce stress, give you a boost of confidence, lift your mood, & makes your hair one less thing you have to worry about.  Something about having someone else do your hair puts us in a better feel good mood.  Others will notice the difference in your attitude and you may just see an increase of gift cards to your favorite salon!
  4. Everyone will see you in a different way! Even just alternating your hair from curly to wavy, or straight to curly every so often gets people looking & talking! Hair is one of the first things we notice.  How many times have you made a comment to a co-worker who came to work with a slightly different style? We can’t help but want to say something when we see someone with a new style. And for that day their hair is styled different, we tend to see them differently. Maybe the style adds softness to their face so they seem more approachable. Or maybe it adds more of a rough look & we want to stay away (hey, find out which style keeps people away so you can skip out of work a little early on Fridays!). Either way we tend to see others with new dos in a different light.  And it is not just co-workers who will take notice. Your significant other will take notice and I bet you’ll find your s.o. loves the spice up of different styles!
  5. It’s a good way to try new styles and products! If you have long hair and have been thinking about cutting it, have your stylist pin it up into a long bob or even a shorter bob look! You get to test out a new style without the commitment or need for extensions! It’s also a good way to learn how to style your hair different ways at home! Ask your stylist to style your short style in a new way. You may find that you like to switch the part up or teasing the sides of your bob gives it that more rounded, fuller look you’ve been trying to achieve.  Ask your stylist to try different products on you. You may find that you get better results from a light hold cream than your mousse or hair spray! You never know until you try! And having new & different styles used on you at each visit means you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars & throw away barely used products! Have your stylist write down the products & shampoo she/he used so that you can purchase & praise the products, or report back to your stylist that you did not enjoy them.

If these reasons are not convincing to get you in the salon weekly or bi-weekly for a shampoo & blowout, then maybe this last reason will get you to call your stylist.  You won’t have to deal with shampooing and drying your hair yourself for one day. Take a load off and let someone else deal with your hair.

Do you have other reasons to hit the salon more often for a shampoo & blowout? Comment below and let me know!