There Is 1 Rule In My Hair Book

We’ve heard all the rules of cuts and colors. You have to go darker in the fall and lighter in the summer.  After 40 you have to cut your hair short.  Let me tell you something. NO YOU DO NOT! I don’t follow these rules.  I have 1 rule in my book. Do with your hair that makes you happy (within reason). If you enjoy bleach blonde all year round, then be bleach blonde all year round. “Oh but Kari, it looks more natural if you add lowlights in the fall and winter!” No it does not.  If anyone thinks that someone who is bleach blonde, level 27 from roots to ends is growing that themselves, they are wrong (except for those very rare cases).  Now if you enjoy getting lowlights in the fall and winter then DO IT! And if you like to have copper lowlights in the fall and more natural brown lowlights in the winter then do it. But don’t do lowlights or go darker in the fall and winter if you don’t want to.
Don’t cut your hair short after 40 because someone told you that you need to do it. If you didn’t want your hair cut short at the age of 39, I can promise you that you probably do not want it cut short at age 40.  Now if you are looking for a change and want to try short hair, then try it. But don’t wait until 40 because of the “rules”. But if you are older or have had an injury that doesn’t allow you to take care of longer hair, then yes you should probably cut it to a shorter length that is easier for you.  Now if you have super long hair, always have it up, complain of headaches, then it’s time to take a few inches off in my professional opinion. But if you have super long hair, enjoy taking care of it, then keep it honey! Have styles that make you happy & confident! If you like coloring your hair dark in the summer and blonde in the winter, then do it. Be happy. Be confident. Be you.

Now in my rule above I added “within reason”. The reason I added that is because, it is not good to be bleaching your hair one month, coloring black the next month, and bleaching it up again the following month.  If you are my client and we cut your hair short and you hate it, trust me, I am going to discuss with you the hatred you had for your short hair when you try telling me you want short hair again. We will have a chat. We will discuss why you are wanting the change. We will talk about all the hair styles between your current length and the dreaded short length. We will talk color. We will talk about all the ways to get you to fall back in love with your hair without going back to the short cut that made me satan’s best friend until it grew out.  If you are just so for cutting it short again, I will inform you that you are not allowed to hate me if you hate the short hair again.  At the end of every appointment I want 2 things. I want my client to be over the top in love & happy with their hair. And I want the hair in the best condition & be proud of if myself since it is my work on your head.  If you want a mullet, honey I will cut you the best mullet 2017 has seen and you will be the reason it comes back in style. But I will not fry your hair. Even though I want clients to be happy, I also need to have integrity. I need to be able to know with all my being that I did everything within my power to give my client what he/she wanted without compromising the health of the client’s scalp & hair.

So have the hair you want to have but keep it healthy. Try new things with your hair. But keep it healthy. Follow the rules or don’t follow the rules.  Have HEALTHY hair that makes you happy & confident!


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