Appointment Etiquette!

We stylists know that emergencies happens and clients can’t come to their appointment, or can’t get to their appointment on time.  Life happens. We get it. But we also get a lot of no shows, 45 min late clients demanding a 4 hour service, & lots of other appointment issues.  Let’s discuss some appointment etiquette to keep you, the client, from being black balled!

First, please show up to your appointment 10 minutes early.  This allows you to use the restroom, change into a smock if you are getting color, get coffee (or wine if your salon offers it), & just being prepared! Also, you could be taken early if your stylist is ready for you early! Most people walk in the door right at their appointment time, they need to use the restroom, change, get their coffee, & then the service starts about 10 minutes or so late.  Show up 10 minutes early & relax!

If you are going to be a few minutes late, call the salon. Let us know.  Some times we run late so we understand. But call us if you are running 5 minutes late. Do not tell us you are going to be 5 minutes late and then show up 20 minutes late.  If traffic is the issue, keep us posted how late you are running. If you say 5 & then realized it’s going to be more like 15-25 minutes, call again.  We may be able to get you in after the appointment that was after you, or we may have to reschedule.  I’ve witnessed clients call & say “I just got off work. I’m running late. I will be there in 20 minutes.” & they show up over an hour later! Please do not be that person. If 15 minutes goes by & you are still 10 minutes out, call & update us! We could eat while you are on your way so that we don’t become hangry.  Now I have had clients who called the salon & said “Hey I’m gonna be late.  I’m stopping by Starbucks, does Kari want anything? And she can just work around me since I’m late”. That is more than likely ok.  You are bringing peace offering & you are letting us do our thing with our other clients without throwing a fit. That does not mean you get to do it at every appointment, but we do understand that some times the mornings (and evenings) are rough & you just need coffee. Trust me STYLISTS understand the NEED for coffee.

Now if you have an emergency & you can’t make it, we will understand.  Make contact with us either by emailing the salon, messaging the salon (or stylist) on Facebook, texting the stylist (if you have his/her number), or have a friend or family member make contact at your earliest convenience. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who no show their 2+ hour appointment, not make contact for a week or so to schedule another appointment & then tell us they had an emergency (but they do this at every appointment or every other appointment).  It makes it hard to tell if there really was an emergency or not. We care about our clients & want to make sure they are ok. We know a lot of clients take care of their elderly & disabled loved ones, which can cause clients to no show multiple appointments.  Let us know if you have a hard time making & keeping appointments, we will figure out a solution! And please note that hangovers are not an emergency.  Do not schedule a night out the night before your appointment.  If you always book your appointments on Saturdays & you continue to no show us & tell us you had an “emergency” on Friday night, we will know you are hungover, & you will be black balled. We can’t miss out on a client because you drank the night before & didn’t want to come in hungover. Now if you come in hungover, that is fine.  Even if you make contact a week or so later about the emergency that’s fine. You don’t have to reschedule or make a new appointment when you inform us of an emergency.  Our reservation desk informs clients who have had emergencies to do what they need to do & to call us when they need to get in. When the client calls back to get in, we do everything in our power to get them the day & time they want.  Emergencies don’t mean that the you the client has to suffer & get whatever is left over.

Please don’t cancel your appointment last minute because your date canceled. Actually you need to keep it. We will help you through the hard time.  We will make you laugh & look wonderful! Don’t have a depressing night because your date canceled! Come in, get glammed up, laugh, & leave with an extraordinary amount of confidence!

Let’s say your appointment is in a couple days or a week, & you’ve been on pintrest & found a new color! Great! Please call & make a consult appointment.  If you spring up a new color & cut change on us at the time of your appointment, there’s a good chance you won’t be leaving with it.  We will need more time. We will need time to consult about it, make sure it’s something you want, & is doable as well as the time to do it.   Most stylists offer complimentary consultations.  If we don’t have the time at the consult to extend your appointment that is in a few days, we may move it.  Moving an appointment days in advance still allows us to fill the appointment gap.  It’s when you no show or cancel the day of that we have a slim to no chance of filling the gap.

Be honest! If you slept in, or are hungover, or just forgot, tell us! Call ASAP & say “Hey, I am really sorry, I over slept/I’m hungover/forgot.  Do you still have time if I get there in 20 minutes? If I need to reschedule I understand. I am so sorry!” We will usually give a few passes before we start black balling people.  An apology & coffee/food will usually keep you on the good list.  Just don’t make it a habit.  There is no amount of food or coffee if you slept in, forgot, or are hungover every appointment.  Don’t be the boy who cried wolf.

If your stylist prefers you to make your appointments in advance, but you know you can’t do that because of your work schedule, kids’ schedule, or whatever, let us know. We’d rather know you are more likely to cancel last minute, or no show if you pre-book your appointment. I tell my clients to try & call a good 2 weeks or so before they will want to come in to be able to get in.  We know your schedule & time is just as important as ours, & want to make sure your appointments are times that work best for you rather you pre-book or call.

If the salon you go to has a confirming system please confirm! My salon offers confirmation emails & text messages (if you opt in), & when you haven’t confirmed by those two ways, our reservation desk will call you 24 hours in advance.  Please confirm! Or cancel! Please do not wait until the day of, hour of, or no show! Especially when the salon has multiple ways for you to confirm or cancel your appointment! If the salon you go to does not have a confirmation system, I am sorry, & there really isn’t anything I can tell you to help you confirm your appointment. The more ways a client can confirm or cancel their appointment in advance the better for the stylist AND the client!

So basically it all comes down to don’t be rude. Don’t be the boy who cries wolf.  Call us. Inform us. Show up a few minutes early. Relax. Laugh. Be happy & enjoy!





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