5 Fall Hair Color Ideas!

Fall is here! A lot of people like to add a little something to make their hair color more fall like.  Let’s talk about 5 color options for you!

  1. You don’t have to go from blonde to brown! Add a shade of blonde that is 2 shades darker than your current blonde for a low light!
  2. Add a some copper! Adding a few (or a lot) of copper low lights is another way to spice up your color for fall! Add a few around your face or do a full foil!
  3. Try a shadow root! If you haven’t already tried a shadow root, the fall is a great time!
  4. Add caramel or copper highlight if you are dark brunette! Dark brunettes don’t always like to add low lights.  By adding a few caramel or copper highlights can spice up dark brunettes for the fall!
  5. Not all low lights have to be warm! If you have a cool hair color now you can add a cool low light for fall!


Have other ways to spice up your color for fall? Comment below!